Stains Around a Toilet = Serious Problem

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Always be on the lookout for water leaks in your home, including little clues that could indicate bigger problems. For instance, if interior paint is bubbling or loose, you’re likely to find a water leak behind the paint. Around your toilet, check the vinyl flooring. Any gray stain in the vinyl that can’t be

Ceiling Fan: Fix That Wobbling Ceiling Fan

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Wobbling ceiling fans are not safe to use. If a ceiling fan in your home shows excessive wobble, stop using it until you can get it fixed. Fans are dangerous if not installed and operated properly. Many fans wobble because they have loose parts or need to be balanced. Find the manufacturer’s instructions for

Blocked Drains: When You Need Professional Help

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There is nothing worse than a blocked drain. Read below to find out why you need professional help We all know that there are some things that really shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet or disposed of down a drain. Some of these things are an obvious no-no, and some of them might not

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